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Compost Wizard Hybrid - Terra Cotta

Product #:  EZWH-TC
Description:  The Compost Wizard Hybrid is a combination rain barrel and compost tumbler that revolutionizes the way we do gardening. The innovative design cuts down cost (compared to buying a Rain Wizard 50 rain barrel and Compost Wizard Jr compost tumbler) and also saves space by reducing your footprint. But even more, the whole unit works together to fuse earth and water.

As the top compost bin is rotated, gravity and centrifugal forces squeeze out excess compost tea from the compost which flows out onto the base where it's channeled into the barrel. From there it mixes directly with the rain water collected from your gutters forming nutrient packed plant food.

When composting, simply add your ingredients through the large mouth 12" lid and give it several good turns. As long as your compost batch stays between 100-150 degrees F, you should see compost within 2-6 weeks.

The rain barrel base will hold 47 gallons of rain and compost tea which you can use as powerful plant food. Simply install the included spigot, and position at your preferred downspout and you're ready to go. We recommend having the hybrid elevated for ease of access to both compost and rain water. Make sure your Hybrid is level when placing it you should be able to harvest with no trouble.

The Hybrid composter/rain barrel comes in 5 beautiful colors so you can pick the one that's right for you and your home or garden.
Price:  $219.95

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Price: $219.95

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